Join the Street Shooters NG for a photo-walk at Mile 12.

Good day,

Hope this message meets you well.

This is to inform you that the Street Shooters NG are set to go out on another photo-walk.

This time around, we are looking at the overcoming Nigerian; not the struggling Nigerian. We are looking at people that have remained resilient and dogged in making their lives and families work. We are looking at people whose lives are faced with challenges but who still dare to stand and put all challenges aside. Therefore, we have decided to work with the theme: UNBROKEN.

Unbroken are the road sweepers, keeping the streets clean to make a living. Unbroken is the guy selling gala in traffic so that he won’t steal. Unbroken is the boy selling family-size bread along the bus-stop. Unbroken is the recharge card seller. Unbroken is the car wash boy. Unbroken are the people hawking in traffic. The list is endless.

Even the qualities and brands of cars in Lagos shows the exceptional unbroken spirit of Nigerians. Hotels, filling stations, constructions of all kinds going on, shopping complexes springing up everywhere shows we are unbroken.

Photographically speaking, this theme alone is broad. Unbroken has a lot of emotion. Unbroken suggest something that has been tested, tried, trusted, rugged and righteous.

We are saying that despite all that has threatened to break us both as individuals and as a nation, we have remained unbroken. It is a communication that we all need to reunite; to reassure ourselves again, that we are all Nigerians. Our spirits cannot be broken, not by ethic or religious divide.

In exploring the unbroken spirit of our people/places, we can create timeless images that can bring about the needed change. This can create a window into the promise of the future.

Come Thursday, 5th September 2013, the Street Shooters NG are going to Mile 12 to capture images of hard-working Nigerians engaged in various money-making activities.

The best 100 images from this walk will be compiled and printed into a photobook which will be sent to the Lagos state government.

To be a part of this event, just show up at Mile 12 by 11am on Thursday, 5th September 2013. Meet-up is under the Mile 12 bridge where the blue BRT buses park.

RSVP: p: 08060435734 | BBM: 26584650 | t: @StreetShootasNG | f: Street Shooters NG |


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