The Street Shooters NG Photowalk January 2014

streetshooters walk high

This is officially wishing you a (perhaps belated) happy new year.  We are happy and we thank God that you are one of the lucky people that made it.

We know how busy the yuletide period was for all of us doing all kinds of commercial photography. We probably didn’t have time to do street photography.

We at the Street Shooters NG still love the street. And now that the yuletide season is over, we want to invite you to our first photowalk of the year.

Date: 26th January, 2014.

Location: Ojuelegba.

Time: 4-6pm

Meet-up is Ojuelegba bus stop if you are coming from Mushin.

As usual, we have informed the local law enforcement agency (a.k.a. the police) of our intended activity, so we expect to have no problem in that regard. However, to ensure we cause no problems for ourselves, we advice that walkers abide by the following guidelines:

– Not more than one photographer should focus on one subject at a time. This is very important as we don’t want the multiplicity of the same image. This is also to avoid getting in peoples faces.

– Do not photograph police on duty. Ask for his/her permission if you absolutely have to.

– Be unobtrusive. Try to stay as low-key and unobtrusive as possible. Work quickly and don’t linger.

– Don’t take photos of people that don’t want their photos to be taken. If they object, simply walk away.

– Apologise to anyone that has issues with you taking their photo and quickly move on before things get out of hand.

– Stay with the group. Don’t wander too far off. This is so that you can easily call for help if you are being harassed.

– Although we don’t expect to have any issues, but if it so happens we do, we need not be afraid. We will get out of it easily if we stand our ground. Remember, we have approval from the police, and we have the strength of numbers on our side.

We hope to see you there.


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