Pre-NIPHEC PhotoWalk

pre-niphec photowalk
The Nigerian Photography Expo and Conference 2014 is set to hold on 29th April – 3rd May, 2014.

Like last year, a photowalk will hold a day before the main event starts. This year’s walk is being coordinated by the Street Shooters NG.

You’ll have the opportunity to meet, mingle and network with photographers in the industry before things get serious at the conference.To enable people locate the venue of the conference, the walk will start at Ikeja City Mall and end at LCCI Conference & Exhibition Centre, where NiPHEC 2014 is set to hold.

No registration necessary for this. Just show up ON TIME.
Date: April 28, 2014.
Meet-up point: KFC, Ikeja Shopping Mall.
Time: 2PMFor more info, call 08060435734, 08121434955.


Join us for a photowalk at Ikeja

steet shooters logo 2

On monday, March 3, 2014, the Street Shooters NG will go on yet another photowalk on Obafemi Awolowo way, Ikeja.

This is a special edition photowalk where someone from NiPHEC will be around to film us as we do our thing, as part of a documentary being made for NiPHEC 2014.

That is another reason for you to join photographers of all walks of life and skill levels as they come together to network, learn from each other, take great pictures and most importantly, have fun while doing so.

Time is 3PM. We meet at Trinity Mall, near Steadfast II bus stop, Ikeja.

We hope to see you there.

The Street Shooters NG Photowalk February 2014


The Street Shooters NG Photowalk is a monthly event where photographers of all walks of life and skills levels (mostly in Lagos) come together, usually in downtown areas to socialize, learn new tips from each other and explore their corner of the world through photography.

The February 2014 edition is happening on friday, February 28, 2014.

Location: Obalende.

Time: 2PM

For more info contact us on BBM: 26584650 | p: 08060435734 | t: @StreetShootasNG |

AAF presents ‘We Are Love’

we are love

It’s February, the month of love, and nine Nigerian artists explore the concept through various art mediums, including painting, collage, photography, and mixed media. The African Artists’ Foundation presents ‘We Are Love’, an exhibition featuring recent work by Tyna Adebowale, Tolu Aliki, Ike Gerald Chiemieze, George Edozie, Obinna Makata, Yomi Momoh, Obi Nwokedi, Chike Obeagu, and Uche Uzorka.
Opening Reception date: Saturday, February 8, 2014
Time: 6pm
Exhibition duration: February 8 – February 15
Venue: AAF Gallery, 54, Raymond Njoku Street, off Awolowo Way, Ikoyi, Lagos

This event is free and open to the public.

Meet the Artist: Cyrus Kabiru and Timothy Prus

African Artists Foundation is inviting you for their first Meet The Artist event of 2014 as they welcome Kenyan artist Cyrus Kabiru and British curator Timothy Prus to the African Artists’ Foundation, Thursday, 30th January, 2014, at 4 PM at AAF Gallery.

Cyrus Kabiru is a self-taught painter, sculptor, and
mixed media artist who lives and works in Nairobi.
Kabiru is best known for refashioning waste and
recycled materials into various forms as a
humorous critique of contemporary living within
Kenya. In his ongoing project, C-Stunners, Kabiru
creates and wears artistic bifocals using metal
scraps and used objects. Kabiru then has himself
photographed as he poses with the makeshift
sunglasses. The work sits between fashion,
design, performance, and photography in a
comment on self-representation through
commodity objects.

Timothy Prus is the director of the Archive of
Modern Conflict, an independent publisher based
in London that focuses on books on photography
and art. Recent publications have won or been
shortlisted for prizes including the Deutsche Börse
Photography Prize and the Paris Photo Aperture
Foundation Photobook Award in 2013, the Dali
International Photography Festival Best Book
Award in 2011, the Grafik Design Awards 2010, the
Rencontre d’Arles Historical Book Prize in 2008
and 2009, and the New York Photo Fair Awards in

Cyrus and Timothy will present their past work
and speak about their current projects. This event
is free and open to the public at AAF Gallery, 54
Raymond Njoku Street, Off Awolowo Road, Ikoyi,

The Street Shooters NG Photowalk January 2014

streetshooters walk high

This is officially wishing you a (perhaps belated) happy new year.  We are happy and we thank God that you are one of the lucky people that made it.

We know how busy the yuletide period was for all of us doing all kinds of commercial photography. We probably didn’t have time to do street photography.

We at the Street Shooters NG still love the street. And now that the yuletide season is over, we want to invite you to our first photowalk of the year.

Date: 26th January, 2014.

Location: Ojuelegba.

Time: 4-6pm

Meet-up is Ojuelegba bus stop if you are coming from Mushin.

As usual, we have informed the local law enforcement agency (a.k.a. the police) of our intended activity, so we expect to have no problem in that regard. However, to ensure we cause no problems for ourselves, we advice that walkers abide by the following guidelines:

– Not more than one photographer should focus on one subject at a time. This is very important as we don’t want the multiplicity of the same image. This is also to avoid getting in peoples faces.

– Do not photograph police on duty. Ask for his/her permission if you absolutely have to.

– Be unobtrusive. Try to stay as low-key and unobtrusive as possible. Work quickly and don’t linger.

– Don’t take photos of people that don’t want their photos to be taken. If they object, simply walk away.

– Apologise to anyone that has issues with you taking their photo and quickly move on before things get out of hand.

– Stay with the group. Don’t wander too far off. This is so that you can easily call for help if you are being harassed.

– Although we don’t expect to have any issues, but if it so happens we do, we need not be afraid. We will get out of it easily if we stand our ground. Remember, we have approval from the police, and we have the strength of numbers on our side.

We hope to see you there.

ENERGY UNPARALLELED by the Unseen Nigeria Project


Over the last 100 years, Nigerian women have contributed immeasurably to the nation’s development. While some of them, especially those in the formal sector, have been increasingly visible, others in the informal sector have largely remained unsung heroes in the background.Many of these women have unique stories of their journey to survival and success and these are the stories the Unseen Nigeria project team wants to curate and celebrate. From market women to fisher women and farmers, women of the underground economy have contributed to the day-to-day socioeconomic development of Nigeria and have done so under less than stellar circumstances.

Unseen Nigeria - BellaNaija - September 2013 (3)

ENERGY UNPARALLELED seeks to project the unseen Nigerian woman with uncompromisable values who is driving for development, pushing for change, making a difference, breaking and setting records, driving community, leading exemplary lives, raising a voice, setting standards, empowering young minds, maintaining unhampered integrity. celebrating courage, honesty, integrity, accountability, persistence,leadership, resilience, hope and the never-die spirit.

Unseen Nigeria - BellaNaija - September 2013 (1)

If you know a woman in the informal sector who, through her life, work and spirit, is making a difference in their own way, click here to nominate her as one of the 100 women to be celebrated in this project.

Unseen Nigeria - BellaNaija - September 2013  If you know a woman in the informal sector who, through her life, work and spirit, is making a difference in their own way, click here to nominate her as one of the 100 women to be celebrated in this project. (2)Unseen Nigeria - BellaNaija - September 2013 (6)Unseen Nigeria - BellaNaija - September 2013 (8)Unseen Nigeria - BellaNaija - September 2013 (9)Unseen Nigeria - BellaNaija - September 2013 (10)Unseen Nigeria - BellaNaija - September 2013 (7)Unseen Nigeria - BellaNaija - September 2013 (12)Unseen Nigeria - BellaNaija - September 2013 (13)Unseen Nigeria - BellaNaija - September 2013 (14)Unseen Nigeria - BellaNaija - September 2013 (4)Unseen Nigeria - BellaNaija - September 2013 (5)Unseen Nigeria - BellaNaija - September 2013 (15)Unseen Nigeria - BellaNaija - September 2013 (16)

Join the Street Shooters NG as they take part in Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photo Walk


On Saturday, October 5, 2013, the world will walk again with Scott Kelby, president of Kelby Training and #1 bestselling photography and technology book author, in the 6th Annual Worldwide Photo Walk™.

Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photo Walk is the world’s largest global social photography event in the history of photography itself. It takes place on the same day around the world where photographers of all walks of life and skill levels gather together, usually in downtown areas to socialize, learn new tips from each other, and explore their corner of the world through photography.

Join the Street Shooters NG as they take part in the Worldwide Photo Walk.
Date is Saturday, October 5, 2013. Time is 2-5PM.
Walk route: Ahmadu Bello way, V.I, Lagos.

Now, this is different from what we’ve been doing before. To participate in this walk, you have to register online. Go to to register. Since this is an international event, we plan to organize this better than our previous photowalks. More details on that as time goes on.

In addition to enjoying a day of photography with other local photographers, participants may also be eligible to win prizes from the Worldwide Photo Walk’s sponsors if their photo is chosen as the best photo of the day by their walk leader. Each winning walk photo is then entered into a global competition where Scott Kelby picks the single “best photo” of the event along with 10 runners-up. Full details are available at:

Scott Kelby’s 6th Annual Worldwide Photo Walk is sponsored by Canon, Kelby Training, KelbyTraining LIVE, NAPP, Adobe, B&H, Wacom, Manfrotto, Tamron, Peachpit, and PhotoWalkPro.

Anyone can participate. All you need is a camera and a passion for photography. It doesn’t matter what kind of camera you use. People have used simple point-and-shoot and even disposable cameras in the past, had a blast, and left with a new appreciation for photography and some great local connections.

Let’s go to the link and start registering. Meanwhile, there are only 50 openings available. So, please register ONLY if you know you are going to come for the walk.

You can find the Street Shooters NG on twitter: @StreetShootasNG


BBM: 26584650


Phone: 08060435734.


Join the Street Shooters NG for a photo-walk at Mile 12.

Good day,

Hope this message meets you well.

This is to inform you that the Street Shooters NG are set to go out on another photo-walk.

This time around, we are looking at the overcoming Nigerian; not the struggling Nigerian. We are looking at people that have remained resilient and dogged in making their lives and families work. We are looking at people whose lives are faced with challenges but who still dare to stand and put all challenges aside. Therefore, we have decided to work with the theme: UNBROKEN.

Unbroken are the road sweepers, keeping the streets clean to make a living. Unbroken is the guy selling gala in traffic so that he won’t steal. Unbroken is the boy selling family-size bread along the bus-stop. Unbroken is the recharge card seller. Unbroken is the car wash boy. Unbroken are the people hawking in traffic. The list is endless.

Even the qualities and brands of cars in Lagos shows the exceptional unbroken spirit of Nigerians. Hotels, filling stations, constructions of all kinds going on, shopping complexes springing up everywhere shows we are unbroken.

Photographically speaking, this theme alone is broad. Unbroken has a lot of emotion. Unbroken suggest something that has been tested, tried, trusted, rugged and righteous.

We are saying that despite all that has threatened to break us both as individuals and as a nation, we have remained unbroken. It is a communication that we all need to reunite; to reassure ourselves again, that we are all Nigerians. Our spirits cannot be broken, not by ethic or religious divide.

In exploring the unbroken spirit of our people/places, we can create timeless images that can bring about the needed change. This can create a window into the promise of the future.

Come Thursday, 5th September 2013, the Street Shooters NG are going to Mile 12 to capture images of hard-working Nigerians engaged in various money-making activities.

The best 100 images from this walk will be compiled and printed into a photobook which will be sent to the Lagos state government.

To be a part of this event, just show up at Mile 12 by 11am on Thursday, 5th September 2013. Meet-up is under the Mile 12 bridge where the blue BRT buses park.

RSVP: p: 08060435734 | BBM: 26584650 | t: @StreetShootasNG | f: Street Shooters NG |

Join us: The Street Shooters NG 1st photo-walk.


Lagos is widely known for its chaos. The danfo buses are always trying to beat traffic by desperately finding the smallest spaces to maneuver, spewing insults to fellow motorists in the process. The area boys are always in a constant battle with the danfo drivers & their conductors. The police & traffic wardens hopelessly try to control the errant danfo drivers. The roadside traders are always tugging it out with pedestrians. The cramped expressions on faces, the throbbing veins in people’s necks, the eyes spewing fire over nothing.

From the outside, Lagosians appear to be in a constant state of rage. First-timers to Lagos have been known to ask ‘Why is everyone shouting? What are they so angry about?’.

On Wednesday, 7th August 2013, the Street Shooters NG are going on the streets of Oshodi to capture scenes that express these CHAOS.
Alex Tehrani said:
”Anyone can shoot chaos. But the most perceptive photographers can make compelling pictures out of uninteresting moments”.

Join us in proving Alex Tehrani wrong by shooting compelling photos of Oshodi.

Date is tomorrow, Wednesday, 7th August 2013.

Time: 3pm

Location: Oshodi. (Meet-up is the bus stop under the bridge where you can get BRT to Obalende)

Please confirm attendance by sending a text to 08060435734.

RSVP: BBM: 26584650 | t:  @StreetShootasNG | f: Street Shooters NG |